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Saturday, February 25, 2017

More Proof

 This is yet ANOTHER ALSer who chose to fight instead of go home and die as she was told.
She has already had 3 EXTRA years of life according to what doctors told her because She CHOSE to at least TRY to heal.  That is called LIVING each day instead of Dying each day as was beaten into us over and over again at ALS clinic. This is where we were encouraged to go so they can check off little boxes showing you how fast you should be dying while staring at a room full of miserable people in worse shape than you so you could SEE your future. AKA Hell.
For the record Tracy was bitten by 2 infected ticks that carried Lyme Disease and was treated immediately upon showing the bruised target typical of Lyme Disease many years ago.  Doctors REFUSED to believe it was Lyme  because we lived in Illinois and they didn't believe there were infected ticks there.  Tracy INSISTED the doctor go get a medical journal as we had visited Arkansas and DID pick ticks daily while there.   Tracy was right.  What are the chances it played no part in ALS? Doctors will tell you the two are unrelated and there is no proof.  Those who have HEALED their ALS symptoms will insist otherwise.

Here is what she said-------

Well, today marks the Four Year Anniversary of my "death". Four years ago today, about this time, some ill-informed doctor told me to get my affairs in order because I had fast progressing ALS and would be dead within a year. I went home, spent two months sad and depressed, then got mad and started researching my disease and came across, a guy who cured himself of ALS. Got madder still at the allopathic world and decided I was going to fight this disease and stopped the progression at the tops of my legs for three years with massive amounts of supplements. This past year I lost my torso and am losing my arms, hands, and my breathing has started to decline due to not treating it as aggressively. I am severely malnourished due to malabsorption of nutrients and no doctor will even look at my tests, much less treat me for it. I speak slower now. So I decided to test for heavy metals finally and those tests are enroute to my house right now. I recently started GcMAF and cell membrane rebuilders and a strong probiotic. I'm very tired of fighting and really want to go home now, but I'm not giving up. I still FULLY believe that ALS is curable AND reversible if you can find out what is wrong and treat it in a timely, efficient manner. My ALS Naturally group has several members getting better and is over 1700 members strong. Word is getting out, hope is getting out, people are demanding treatment instead of being sent home to die. More and more are finding Lyme Disease upon independent lab testing outside of normal hospital lab testing. My hope lies solely in the will of God for me. I look forward to the impending Rapture of the Church. God willing, I will be here for it.

Strange things Brewing

You would think after more than a year of "moving on" I would be about moved on by now, but it seems the Universe has other plans for me.

Every time I choose to let go of the past to focus on the future there is this rush of coincidences involving health issues, medical questions, friends of friends in need, new ALSers, MSers, and all the rest of the alpabet- sers, who for some reason, contact me all at the same time, to get advice or equipment or ask for help in some way.

I have made myself ridiculously busy at work, that I absolutely LOVE, in hopes I can find the spark in my soul again and focus on life instead of the stress of illness and loss.  

My job is more than I could have dreamed of getting to do especially at this point in my life. I play with the grandboys as much as possible and am so so grateful to be here with them.   And yet, it certainly does not replace or actually even distract me from my loss (which always seems like a funny phrase cause I know right where I put Tracy-he's not lost as much as not here).

In the course of a couple days I got an Email from a heroic ALSer who was able to reverse his symptoms and is back to walking and talking and golfing and working when he could not make it up 10 stairs for lack of oxygen and muscle weakness at one point.  He sent me his chapter to Healing ALS -which will go in a book written about more than 20 people, ALL of whom have reversed their symptoms by 
Extreme Healthy Living practices.
I can't wait until they publish their documentary film too.  We just need $130,000 to save so many lives and so much misery.  I wish we could use some Ice Bucket money for that.  I'm still working on it. I figure I will work to earn enough money to give it to them myself unless I find a generous soul who will donate it and save thousands and thousands of families from the hellish diagnosis and subsequent life style foisted upon us.

Then I got a phone call late at night from a cousin whose sister has MS she has been dealing with for 35 or more years who needed info on mobility and pain management.  Then there is a couple with ALS struggling to find a way to take care of each other with no help from anyone, not because they haven't asked, but because family and society said No.  Then I got a text message of support, out of the blue,  from a gal who proceeded me in the very journey I am on. I mean almost exactly the same journey.  We barely know each other and yet- we know EXACTLY what the other is dealing with, making us sisters in a weirdly widowed way.  Then there is my ALS warrior friend who keeps me going in a fun irreverent style.  We are reluctant Dead Spouse Society members who can share ANYTHING because we have been through Everything.

Then there are the random requests by friends of friends who hope that I might have some information to help their family or friends get through the shock of recent diagnosis.

It all comes pouring in at one time just as I choose to take a breath and try to refocus on a "normal life", whatever that is.

Now, before you say-'s just a matter of perception like when you get pregnant you suddenly notice all the preggoes or you get a new red car and everyone  seems to magically start copying you, -I'm telling ya it's not like that.

It's like I try to add more and more fun stuff that I like to do and takes up my time so my life will be filled with joyful stuff instead of getting my knickers in a knot about medical BS and issues my ranting most certainly will never change (so I am told).  Then, suddenly, like whiplash there is this faucet effect where requests and calls and texts and emails come rolling in all at one time to remind me there is NO getting out of the ALS life.  
Once in,- there is NO OUT.

This is a weird place to be because I don't really WANT out.  I know that sounds weird.  What I really want to do is rant and bitch and be a pain in the ass to those blocking the success of those trying to get the REAL TRUTH out there.  I want people to invest in reasonably priced practical mobility equipment development so those of us living on 2 hours sleep for years don't have to find time to run to the Dollar Store to find things to hot glue together in order to make our loved ones comfortable.  What I want is for Doctors to say- hell, I don't know.  We don't have medicine for that so good luck- go try anything and everything on the planet and let us know what works for you, and by the way- here is a counselor or therapist to help you deal with this giant unplanned life change.  What I want is to be able to share information without STILL hearing the words "in denial","cruel woman" and poor sap.  
But I don't want to be THAT person. The one everyone runs away from the moment I enter the room for fear I am gonna talk about uncomfortable issues unendingly.  I want to talk about fun things like grand kids, music and food too as in also, along with changing the world and saving lives and ending unnecessary suffering.

Sorry folks. I have really really tried to stay on the fringes, sharing with those who search me out.  I've tried to keep health chat to a minimum and post all the cookies and red meat I eat so you will see that I am just like you.  Some days I eat well, some days I don't.  But the difference now is that I KNOW when I wake up a swollen mess and hungry in the morning I DID IT TO MYSELF.  It's not old age or bad genetics as I have been told my whole life.  It's poisoned food, too much stress, lack of schedule and not enough sleep.  And when I make myself sick enough I then improve my diet until I feel better or fit back into clothes I need to wear. 

I have had so so many people tell me I just MUST write a book- which is hilarious to me for so many reasons, so I just might do it because I do love to laugh.  I do think it's a good idea because our journey was so unique in many ways and what we found out too late in the game may help others beat the odds or at the very least, give hope which is healing on many levels, even if it's not a CURE.  

So, if ya don't like it- bitch at the Universe about it, because I have given it my all to be out of the battle but it looks like the Universe put me here to be a pain in the ass until things are changed to give those diagnosed with ALS a fighting chance.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Finding Balance

With the new year I am doing my best to set new goals.
What do I leave behind and what do I nurture and grow?
It's an odd place to be knowing I can't live in the past but not
wanting to forget it either.  
I loved my past.
My husband, my art, my crazy new age energy gurus, my fun loving, 
rough around the edges, out of the box friends.

Now ALS is part of my past as well....or is it?

When Tracy and I were newly diagnosed we spoke to people who
were in the ALS Association for more than 16 years after the passing of their loved
ones and I thought- how?  
How could they remain in the trenches that long?
I remember thinking, if we (because I truly believed we would always be WE)
ever get past all this, there is no way I would continue to stay in the absolute
WORST situation, way beyond what even my wild imagination could conjure up,
we have ever lived through.   And I am.
I have come to find out there is NO leaving.  
It's a part of us like shrapnel.

It's gotten to be nearly daily now that someone contacts me to ask a health, medical, mobility,
fund raising, hypnosis, family crisis, supplement, energy work,  or personal question related to our journey. This seems most incredible to me since I knew absolutely NOTHING about health or medicine or being an adult or how to use an Iphone or an ATM when we were diagnosed.
I assure them I do NOT have all the answers and many of them I do have, quite possibly could be wrong, but I am willing to share what we did and discovered in hopes they will be a step ahead of where we were.  Perhaps that one step could be the one they need to get out of the pit we are all are so casually tossed into at diagnosis.

It seems that no matter what my decisions are about my future, the Universe keeps placing situations and people in front of me that draw me back into that emotional vortex.  Those who are living my exact situation that have kept in touch with me over this past year strengthen my confidence that - 
no, I did not make all this up.  No, I wasn't in denial.  I wasn't scammed or naive.  
What I learned IS REAL.
It is Fact.  
And yes, it goes against the standard information out there that has been and continues to be presented as fact and our only option.

How can I just let all that go knowing others suffer daily for no good reason?

When you are drowning in depression and stress and fear and someone offers you ANY help, 
it's like getting that desperately needed gasp of air.

It is pounded into us that a PILL is the ONLY hope and anything but THAT is worthless.

I am here to tell you that is absolutely a lie.
I am here to say, and continue saying, whether anyone is listening or not,
that the caring and sharing of information, right, wrong or unproven IS
healing on so many levels.  
I continue to appreciate every comment, greeting card, phone
call, bad joke, text, message, email, gift card, prayer and actual paper note we received and continue to receive.
Never underestimate the healing power of kindness.
And I don't mean in just the Hallmark isn't that nice way.
I mean in a real tangible, being on the planet longer, living a healthier, 
happier life kind of way.
Because the medical world won't quantify that in a research study
does not mean it isn't true.  It means that there is no money to fund it's research.

I really, really don't want to be one of THOSE people.
"We" know what you think even if you don't say it.
You are afraid if you ask how we are doing we might ramble on and 
actually tell you, in great detail.  You feel guilty to eat junk food in front of
us for fear of judgement and nutritional lectures.  
And for the love of God PLEASE don't get us
started on the food and medical industry and conspiracy!!

I think it's about balance.
Balance between our old life and my new life.
Balance between living and reliving.

The lecture I spit at the youth condescending to me about getting comfortable with Progress, generally referring to spending money on more electronic contraptions that are programmed to be outdated in 2 years, and Change  I think is appropriate here as well.

Change: to leave behind (throw out) what you were doing or had in order to do or have something new.
(This is the mantra of our new society).

Progress: To keep the useful techniques and knowledge gained from the past and building on those in order to improve your life with ADDED experience, techniques, items or knowledge.

I choose to not just change my life but to progress thru my life.
Donate now so others can live.


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Horrible but Hilarious

In our ALS Journey there were so so many things to deal with that there was absolutely NO way to be prepared for.  As horrible as many of them were to deal with there were some absolutely Hilarious ones too.
One of the great things about dealing with those in the ALS trenches is their blunt honesty that comes from not having any time to waste and no energy to filter or worry about being PC.

Many horrifying situations that were or could have been life threatening (to only deathly humiliating) are shared among those who "get it" in our world with a great laugh.

Occasionally one of us has a verbal slip, either by accident or on purpose, to or in front of those sensitive thoughtful caring people who are lucky enough to be living a "normal life".

This is rightfully met with a gasp, sputtering, blushing and or cringing.  Those who are unseemly enough to laugh out loud right along with us take us by surprise and are taken into the fold immediately.

When those from the "outside" only view the hardships of healthcare and sympathize our imagined hell they miss the LIFE that still goes on between all the things to do.

In our experience we had the natural tendency to blurt out what we knew people were thinking so they didn't have to slap themselves in the forehead for saying it later.  It allowed people to relax in conversations when we said out loud the absolutely worst thing imaginable so no matter what slip anyone made it was clearly nothing that would upset us in any way.

Sometimes it was just entertainment for Tracy who was such a doer before ALS.  
I think he just got bored and had to stir the pot.


Tracy: in front of the salesman- buy me that 
(insert any ridiculously expensive electronic device).
Me:  I pretend I can't understand him and smile and nod.
Tracy: He begins to try to order said extravagance directly from the salesman to get even.
Me: What the hell?  No.  What are you thinking?
Tracy: But it's my dying wish!
Me: You are maxed out on dying wishes this week buddy.
Tracy: Puppy eyes to the man bonding over the shrew wife thing.
Me:You won't have to worry about ALS killing you because if you keep this up I am gonna put your chair on turbo speed and aim you straight out that door onto the highway.
Salesman: Pretends he has an emergency call on a pager that isn't working.
Me: You jackass
Tracy: Shit eating grin

 As a matter of fact, my dear sweet (Jackass) dead husband- yep, I said that word dead out loud again, LLLOOVVEEEDDD to watch people squirm as he casually threw out verbal jousts just to see what they would do.  No matter how many times I kicked him or his wheelchair he would have that little boy grin with absolutely NO sign of remorse at their clear discomfort and or embarrassment.  

Originally I just thought it was Tracy being Tracy but through these past years I have come to find out that it's not just ALSers.  
My Dead Spouse Society is a club none of us wants to be in but there is a freedom in this kinship because we tend to say what we REALLY mean more often than most.  No matter how horrible it sounds there is absolutely NO judgement because we understand that you can deny the truth or not talk about the truth but that doesn't change the truth.  We tend to deal with harsh realities every day so acknowledging them is somehow easier for us than the energy draining appropriate rehearsed responses deemed acceptable to main stream society.

We do our best on good days to not subject you all with horrible but often times hilarious truths of our situations or journeys. Know that we don't purposely set out to send you running from the room with our comments, (well, most of the time).  
It's not really our fault.  
It seems our Give a Shit Genes gets damaged during the process of our journey
 (and some of us were lucky enough to never have that quality to begin with). 
Yes, Tracy....I know, I keep ending sentences in a preposition. What are ya gonna do about it now?  Huh?? Even now he haunts me about it.  There I go again.....

I wish I had the bravery and spontaneous honesty that I reprimanded Tracy for so often so I could share some of the situations we found ourselves in so you could better understand, in order to survive a long term chronic illness, sometimes you just have to laugh.

Perhaps I will block all my family and some of our close friends so I can share with those I never have to look in the eye, some of the realities of living with, instead of just dying of a disease that no one else is bold enough to talk about.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Year

Am I right or am I right?
was a terrible year 
for so many people for so many reasons.
Even PollyAmy
 has to admit
 this has been an exceptionally rough one.

Holidays, in general, bring their own set of challenges for any family but most 
especially for those who have lost a loved one in this past year.
Not only did I deal with Tracy being gone but I also had at least 6 other
friends or family members that lost someone in this past year as well.

Knowing exactly what they are going thru is more of a reliving than just a sympathizing for me now.
Learning to deal with the emotional roller coaster that bushwhacks us just
when we are so proud of how we are holding up is energy draining to say the least.

But I have to say,
 this Christmas was a bit easier to navigate
 than the last.
It's not that I miss Tracy any less.  
It's more like getting a limb lopped off.
You always wish you had it back.
I just learned to deal with the loss better I think.  
I still miss everything
(yes, even the "bad stuff")
 about our old life.   
That is the new realization for me this year.
Now I am aware of mourning, not just the person,
 but also the traditions, life style and past comforts.  
I miss my friends, home of over 30 years, freedoms and family back home.
 All these things I now have time to miss.

I am not the kind of person
 that yearns for NEW things.  
I have always loved my old things
(much to Tracy's dismay).
They have history and energy and stories.  
Tracy loved the adventure and excitement of getting 
whatever the next new gadget on the market was.
 New cars, clothes, electronics, etc... brought a gleam to his eyes!
I often joked with him that I was surprised
he hadn't traded me in for a new model.

But I do understand the only constant is change.
I'm not thrilled about it,
 but I am doing my best to make decisions that
will allow me to create my own new life,
which is kind of weird since I never had my own
old life.  
I have only been a "we" never a "me" before this. 
The fact I never wanted this freedom makes moving towards it even more difficult.

The New Year brings resolutions for improvements.
Trying to imagine what I could or should be
doing in the next year seems impossible since I never in a million years, 
I would be in the position I am in now.  

To me- Literally - 
ANYTHING is possible
because I have experienced the impossible.  

As I discussed the pros and cons of decisions for independent living, 
work, expenses, my future...., my daughter made a comment to me as I was listing
all my concerns.  
Suddenly she said- Who are you?!
(Rather exasperated)

She was taken aback as I was focusing on the "real" grown up, tangible concerns
and decisions that will surely go along with a new life.
She emphatically reminded me of what I would 
(and do) 
say to
others who get wrapped up in their imagination of "what if's".

It really was a wake up moment for me.
No one knows what the future will hold
 no matter how
hard you try to prepare for it.
(I still believe a moderate amount of preparation is 
necessary in life to keep from taking advantage of 
others hard work).

This year's resolution:
The shoulds will be replaced by the 
want to's or gonna do's.
Desire and passion are in the forefront.
The problem for me is balancing what I want
(to have Tracy back) with what is reasonable-
which I am absolutely not equipped to handle
as it has NEVER been a description referring to me and I say that
with NO apology.

The compromise puts me back into the
 ALS arena I believe.
I can find no way out because I refuse to let those 
struggling in the madness of how this disease is 
handled, suffer needlessly while drowning in misinformation
and skewed thinking.
I refuse to let all that we learned in our journey
die with Tracy
 because I KNOW for a fact it can help others.
If it wasn't for those kind souls who remained in the trenches,
who fearlessly and generously helped us, 
I don't know how
long we would have made it.  

I can't LIVE in the past.
I can only learn from the past and apply it to NOW.

So as I have pondered ending Tracy's blog with the new year, 
because let's face it-
I am not the master wordsmith he was,
I think for now
I will do my best to continue imparting 
(what I consider as) 
words of wisdom
in hopes that our journey can help heal the world, not only of  ALS
 but also the medical madness
 that goes along with the diagnosis.

I wish for you all Peace, Love and Joy 
the truth is-
That is all that really matters.



Saturday, November 26, 2016

Giving you Thanks

Happy-ish Holidays Y'all!

Thanksgiving was Tracy's favorite holiday and when he could no longer eat he STILL loved it because he couldn't wait to see people's reactions to his recipes so this one is still bittersweet.  
(Maybe I should say bettersweet- 
as it was a bit better than last year in some ways).

Tracy loved to make meals to bring friends and family together.
Our Daughter Rachel has run that gantlet with amazing success this year again. 
The Austin Orphan's Thanksgiving 
was an incredible success
 and we have already discussed 
how to upgrade it for next year.

As happy as I was to spend time with family and new friends, there is still that constant reaction to want to "tell Tracy" oh- look at this, did you hear that?  What do we do about this?
I keep thinking I should be farther along in my healing journey after a whole YEAR which feels like 10 lifetimes.   And yet the year has flown by too.  
I hear that from others in my situation as well.
Time makes no sense  anymore (and I wasn't too good about it BEFORE our ALS Journey). 

I have done my best to stay in touch with all the new friends (and a few old ones)
 that are part of the 
~Dead Spouse Society~
 this year.  
-A club none of us wants to be part of
 but are forced into.
I am/was NOT one to race to join support groups
 and pour out my problems 
(no matter how good it is for me). 
But I am finding there is this natural migration towards those who have lived in the trenches.
The great thing about it is the absolute freedom there is between us, 
some of whom don't know each other very well at all.
It feels fairly easy to express the Truth of our situation to each other in a way I had not experienced previous to our ALS journey.  
We can make crude, rude, sad, honest, hilarious, disgusting, outrageous, nonsensical jokes or conversations about ANYTHING to each other because we have all LIVED it. 
There is no judgement.  
Life's rules don't apply to us in the same ways anymore because 
- really- what are ya gonna do to us?  
We have survived (??? at least partly) 
the WORST that life can throw at us so
What are they gonna do to us? 
Sure I gripe and get ticked about average stuff 
but none of those are REAL PROBLEMS anymore.

Honestly- I am surprised how helpful it has been for me to chat and share with these strangers that have become important heroic friends.
I still don't have the courage Tracy showed to brutally share the realities of all this journey has heaped upon me, but I am light years from where I started in 2011.
I keep thinking I am gonna help others 
but I seem to get more than I am giving and am continuously surprised by that.  
( Slow learner here).

Before ALS I was a very private person
and I really, really miss privacy on every level.
But what I learned from Tracy is that his sharing made such a difference in so many people's lives, in so many ways, it feels selfish to me to not attempt to allow others to learn from our experience 
( in hopes they can skip some of the hardships of our trials and many many errors).  
If I can save even one person a day of misery in any way- it's worth that sacrifice.

Friends and family often express the idea
(sometimes verbally, sometimes in body language, actions, expressions or what they won't or don't say)
 that I might be healthier and happier if I would just take some time away from it all to let myself heal.

I have tried.  Really I have.  
But it seems like each time I do,
 the Universe will throw a text my way or a situation or a phone call or commercial or another person's health issue in my way,
 creating an absolute impasse,
 unless I find a way to deal with it.  

I am so so thankful to all those who helped 
Tracy and me
 and that continues even now.
If it wasn't for those who were kind enough to reach out and communicate and share and support and  listen or tell a shockingly accurate situational story
 I don't know where I would be.

Thank you all for the love and encouragement and friendship and jokes and pranks.
Thank you for remembering Tracy
 and sharing photos and stories of his crazy life.
Agree or disagree
 but do it all from a place of love 
because I have learned 
that as corny as it sounds-
It really is all that matters.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ask Questions before accepting answers

 Who do we believe and why?

I don't have answers.  
I have questions.
Those questions allowed me to find out that not all answers are created equal.
In some ways I believe now that not really knowing much provided me with an opportunity to ask questions others would be too embarrassed to admit they didn't know the answers to.
I started with NO knowledge, not even enough to know what questions to ask!!
I still don't know very much
 but what I learned is to not accept the first answer that comes along as fact.
I want YOU to start questioning everything
 you accept to be true
 just because someone told you it's true.
Make the information pass YOUR test for logic
as my father would say.
What I have learned from our politicians these past few months is that 
EVERYBODY has answers!!!
They might not be to the questions we are asking.
They might not be the correct answers.
The answers might not make any sense at all.
But boy oh boy everybody sure does have an opinion that most of the time
they speak as if it is fact.
In the words of my friend Dorothy:
Throw a percentage behind any trivia and most people will believe it's true.
So the FDA in 2013 says they are backing off of some antibiotics. 
Why would they do that?
Obviously because there is enough evidence showing cause for concern for our health is my guess.
Not a fact. It's just my opinion.
But we are still allowed to eat the food they believe is unsafe while they transition with NO warning label or commercials by FDA- but they know it's bad for us. 
I'm looking for answers to try to make sense out of this new world I have been forced into. 
I used to believe most of what I was told by "Professionals",
cause come on, they know more than me about a lot of things.
Things just don't make sense to me- 
but no one else is acting all freaked out so....hhhhmmm...
What am I not understanding here?

 Take the commercials on TV NOW that send the message-"don't be a fool by falling for this marketing hype about antibiotics being bad for you" with an actor portraying a goof with an IQ of about 30 showing how stupid we are for being gullible enough to fall for ever thinking animal raised on drugs will in any way be effected by them if they stop using said drugs in the magic amount of time to pass "the FDA test" (the same organization that tested them to say they were safe to begin with that are changing their minds) for what THEY think is a reasonable risk to OUR health. 
Why are they allowed to purposely put our health at risk by telling us things in a way that will harm us? Isn't some sort of crime if a business cons us with the intent of making money knowing it is a risk to our health? 
 If a toy manufacturer sells a toy that later spins apart and blinds a child, or a phone catches fire or a car's air bag kills someone what happens?  
They recall it.  
They Stop production until they change it.
You don't see continuing advertisements selling these BAD items do you? Or do you?
I don't really know.  I'm just asking questions here.

But they are following FDA regulations so they are not at fault so we have nothing to worry about I guess.  Our meager little minds can't conceive of all the complicated jargon that now makes our unsafe drug ridden food magically chemical free is the message they are sending to us and I sure am confused so maybe they are right.
Now here you have a gal who is explaining exactly WHY these animals are "safe" to eat because it's HER BUSINESS to do so. 
And Because they meet the FDA regulations she says.
The same regulations that they started changing years ago.
So...since I don't know much about anything it's very confusing to me how the very agency this gal is using as her meter for safety, that has ALREADY had to recant their decision that it's SAFE to eat antibiotics, is telling us WE ARE STUPID for not believing her opinion that this is all safe. 
I believe her rant began because her business got slammed in this CNN report.
But I don't know really.  I'm just guessing- as do most people who put information out to the public I am finding.

 If you sculpt a donut out of cow poo but it looks like a chocolate donut and it's decorated like a donut and maybe they can even make it smell kind of like a donut-
it's still a pile of crap.  
But a lot of people will believe it's a donut.
 So- Why am I posting this? 
I don't care if you eat healthy or not.
 I care that if you WANT or NEED to eat healthy you CAN
 and that if there are delicious deep fried, chocolate covered poisons
 you want to enjoy
 YOU have the right to KNOW
 how much poison is in there 
so ya know just how much you can handle.
Your life. Your choice. 
In our ALS journey we were told things that were NOT TRUE by (well meaning ?) medical staff repeatedly.  For a long time we believed them.
It cost us valuable time and changed decisions that could have improved the quality and/or length of our lives.
We were also repeatedly, consistently chastised for bringing the medical world healing information that was HEALTH and FOOD related- not drug based.
Each time we were given the same answer by each person. "There is NO PROOF" that works.
Don't get scammed.  If it worked wouldn't everyone be doing it?
When I asked if they had done or were willing to do any research about it I was told by doctors and ALS association groups that the money from those campaigns you all were so generous to donate to ONLY goes to DRUG research controlled by the FDA.
Guess what- LIVING, breathing, working people 
 that something is working better than nothing 
which is what those with ALS are offered by the medical world.
I can find NO cases of people being 
"healthied to death".

I do however personally KNOW people diagnosed with ALS and had their cases RECONFIRMED as ALS that have REVERSED their symptoms by means of extreme healthy living practices.
ALL these people say the same thing.
Most doctors consistently refuse to accept or share or even listen to how they are healing themselves.

We are brainwashed to put our first trust in people we do not know that have NO PROOF that what they say is true because of their position in business and we are taught reasonable nice intelligent people don't fly in the face of "their qualified opinions". 
First hand results are proof.

If a doctor tells you there is NO HOPE. NO HELP
as we were told over and over again,
that just means THEY don't have the answer-
not that there aren't answers.
Find those who have accomplished what you want to.
They are out there.
They want to help.
Donate today so
others like Tracy 
have a chance.